5/3/1 with Strongman/Viking Day?

I know Jim has written a little about adding in strongman/viking day. Would it be a better idea to do those exercises: farmers walk, prowler, sandbags, tire flips, etc on a separate day than program on a regular 5/3/1 day? Im already hitting the main 5/3/1 lift, then FSL or jokers and some assistance stuff. Don’t wanna do too much “big exercises” in one day so that its too much to recover from. An idea I’m working on is to do Strongman stuff the same day as my conditioning. thanks.

I actually just found this article. Its helpful if anyone else had this question.

The article with the Viking/strongman day was “Passing the Lifting Torch.” The Kentucky strong article is good as well, just figured I’d add the original article you spoke of.

Do you guys who have access to a bunch of strongman implements like to train them on a separate day or just incorporate them in your regular training days?

Now I’m trying them on a separate day to see how that goes.

Separate day. If I had access to implements through the week then I’d work it into the weekdays.

They feature in my regular training AND a separate events day.