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5/3/1 with Sandbag Assistance


Has anyone tried doing 5/3/1 as per the book,but used heavy sandbags for assistance work?


Why dont you want to be strong?


I suppose you could, I havent tried it for assistance, I have done it for conditioning however with loaded carries and such. I have a question though. For what reason are you wanting to use sandbags? There's nothing wrong with a barbell in my opinion.


Go to the 5/3/1 thread and search for the answer. I dont mind helping people but search before you ask or you are going to piss people off.


I usually do 5/3/1 by the book,but since my city and gym has been destroyed by an earthquake ive had to resort to alternatives e.g Sandbags.
Im not planning to use it for assistance exercises when i get back to the gym,but was wondering if anyone else has,and by assistance i mean the same exercises you would do with a barbell,not some cardio circiut


If that's all you can do, then I'm sure it would be fine. As long as you are hitting the main lifts I think it would be fine. If you have the barbells and racks to do the main lifts, why can't you use the same barbell for some assistance work? If all you have access to is sandbags, then do the best you can until you can get back to a normal routine.


This isn't really answering your question but if you don't have a barbell(or if you want some variety) or anything you could make a chain press. I saw it in the bodybuilding forums a while back and buddy had a neat idea. Take a chunk of pipe and hook a chain to it. on the other end of the chains, attach some buckets full of heavy shit. use different chain lengths for different lifts. I thought it was kinda cool. There's some other at home training ideas in there as well.

The link:


cheers bro