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5/3/1 with Olympic Assistance Work


I've been running 5/3/1 for about 2 years now with great success. Recently i got assigned to a new base that has a crossfit gym. I don't crossfit however after reading up on the benifits of Oly lifting and seeing guys use horrible/dangerous form in the gym it got me curious, i thought it mught be fun to change things up for a few cycles and give them a try. Just curious if anyone uses oly lifts along with 5/3/1 and if so what your results/advice would be. Any advice would be helpful. thanks


i do power clean and hang clean before squat and deadlift.
snatch and high pull on bench and overhead press day
but i do them low reps and dont kill them


Death, funny i was thinking the same thing. What other assistance do you do if any.


well i stopped doing snatch since there was no bumper plates in my gym and no weight platform. I didnt wanna endanger myself taking down the bar.
i am planning to do some jerk press before overhead press, a few sets of 1-3 reps, get some explosiveness and leg driver.


Yeah i think im run this for a few cycles and see what happens,

Bench-Day 1

Hang Snatch 8x3
Flat Bench 5/3/1 sets / ss 5 bw pull ups
Decline Bench 5 x10 / ss Hammer Row
Dips 5 x 10
French Press 5 x10
25 Yard Prowler push 225 x 20

Squat- Day 2
Power Clean 8 x 3
Squat 5/3/1 sets
Stiff leg DL 5 x10
8 minutes Jacobs Ladder medium intensity

Day 3 -Off

OHP - Day 4
Clean and Press 8 x 3
OHP 5/3/1
Log Press 5 x 10
Upright rows 5 x 10
Shrug 5 x 10
Prowler push 45 yards 315 x 20

Day 5 -Off

Deadlift- Day 6

Deadlift 5/3/1
Hammer Row 5 x 10
Pull-ups 8 x 5
Kroc Row 1x fail
Farmers walk 155db 800 yards

Day 7 -Off



looks solid
for the power exercises, id like to work up to singles.
give it a try man, u will like it.