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5/3/1 with a Quad Injury

I’m running 5/3/1 with BBB variation 2 from the Beyond 5/3/1 book. I’ve had a bit of an issue in my left quad for around 6 weeks and its been worse over the weekend.

Its not a debilitating pain or anything but I’ve continued through an injury before and taken 6 months to recover from something that should have only been 3-4 weeks had I rested at the right time. I think I need to lay off squatting (and playing football / soccer) for 3-4 weeks to let it recover.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how 5/3/1 can be programmed to avoid quad work? Can it be made more push/pull rather than upper/lower?

Something like this:
Push day 1: Main lift OHP + chest/shoulder/calves assistance
Pull day 1: Main lift deadlift + hamstrings/back/glutes assistance
Push day 2: Main lift bench + chest/shoulder/calves assistance
Pull day 2: Main lift weighted chins + hamstrings/back/glutes assistance

Or is this just heresy?

Just do Bench/DL/Weighted Chin Ups or OHP/DL/Weighted Chin Ups and on each day, do some full body assistance.

It’s fine. I sprained my ankle really bad about 1.5 years ago, and could only do bench press, seated OHP, and pull ups as my main lifts. I did dips, rows, abs as my main assistance. Once my ankle could handle it, I started to ease back into squatting, deadlifts, and standing barbell work. No issues at all, and in reality the change of pace was probably a good thing.