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5-3-1 Winter Conditioning


I have been doing 5-3-1 for the past 6-7 months and I love it. Then about 2 months ago I started doing hill sprints and its amazing how brutal they are. Unfortunatly hillsprints will be a no go soon enough with winter sneaking up and that means conditioning will have to take place inside. I usually do alot of interval sprints, jumprope and rowing during the fall/winter months but I would like to continue with hillsprints level of conditioning.

I dont have a prowler or a running sled, unfortunatly, nor do I have an area to run stairs. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for winter conditioning comperable to hill sprints.


where do you live that you have to stop hill sprinting?


I fall into a similar problem in the winter. I do my hill sprints up on the hiking trails so when it rains, it gets messy haha need about 3 days of dryness to go up there.

Luckily, I have a sled. Check on ebay. That's where I got mine. About 50 bucks. After buying rope, a harness, etc, it was still less than a hundred bucks.

If that still costs to much, try your hand at building your own out of an old tire.

Are there no high schools with football stadiums with stairs around you? That's where I've ran my stairs (just be careful after it rains if they're metal stairs).

Last but not least, settle for complexes I guess?


I live in rochester ny. The area gets a good amount of snow, since we get some of that lake effect, but it gets far more slush and ice in my opinion. Just a straight mess when winter hits. Sometimes the snow hits early, October, and somtimes it hits later, November, but it will still make running hills out of the question.


Maybe find a covered parking garage and run it? I don't think it would get too terribly wet/snowy except for around openings and the top level


Dude I live in Northern Michigan, fairly sure we get more snow, & cold then NY. I don't understand how snow can make running hills "out of the question"? You just gotta wear more clothes in the Winter, if anything the added difficulty adds to the effectiveness, Rocky IV style.


If the hills are too slick to run up, try those ice cleats that go onto your shoes. I've got a pair of YakTrax that work great for that. Other options are sprints through the deep snow or snowshoe sprints. Those will all fry you nicely.



plate pushes in your gym/house... put a 45 on a towel and push for 15 seconds,stop rest repeat..

burpees are always an indoor favorite.

hold 45-60 lbs and do lunges for sets of 20 minutes. boring as fuck but it works.


I'm looking to start doing sprints/hill sprints but have no clue where to start as far as sets and reps, rest time, etc. Any suggestions?