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5/3/1 Whataburger


Hey Jim (or anyone), I'm just wondering if this has any relation with the nutrition protocol of your program.



Nice find. Eat 5 pre-training, 3 peri, 1 post for max bulk.


Eat 5 burgers the first week, 3 burgers the next and than 5 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening.


What does one sauce even mean?


I already posted this in the Jim Wendler sellout thread.

You sellout.


I LOL'd when I read that, too.

Anyone ever see that it's always sunny when they go to buy crack and the dealer is like "well what do you want?" and Charlie (I think) replies... "uhh, one. One crack..."


What is that? Did they run out of buns and have to use bread?


That is nothing less than the best Texas Toast around.


90% of that advertisement makes no sense, but luckily the picture sells itself.