5/3/1 vs 5's PRO

Do you think the original program as is, is more effective than using say 5’s PRO to build strength?

Do you know what we use 5 PRO for? How it’s used? How it’s used in the overall programming picture?

Once you understand that it all begins to make sense. There is no “better” - there just is.

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The most important thing is to get the work done on one cycle and add 5/10 pounds and move to the next.

My first Wendler cycle was 5/3/1 then I ran 5’s PRO. Break PR’s, then cap reps at 5, break PR’s again and so on… Can’t beat the balance of the two.

I was going to ask the same question. Does 5’s pro have anything over the original 5/3/1 rep scheme? Obviously both work because Jim says so. My problem is I do the original 5/3/1 way, but sometimes get so into a set that I end up doing 5 reps then going shit it was a 3’s day. I think just keeping it all 5’s would make it easier.

5’s Pro lets you get more volume, 5/3/1 allows for more intensity.

Are you on a strength training cycle or a hypertrophy cycle? Have you just done a reset to lighter weights? Did your 5/3/1 week look more like 5/3/1+12 reps? Or was it 5/3/1+1 reps?

As mentioned, neither is better or worse… they’re just tools.

Heading into a hypertrophy phase. So 5’s pro will provide a little more volume.

What do you mean by this? If you’re doing the original 5/3/1 and going for rep records, why would worried about doing more than 3 reps on the 3 day? Maybe I’m reading this wrong.