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5/3/1 Variations vs Assistance

If I was to plan my press day as:

Press- 5/3/1
Press- FSL multiple sets
dips or DB press or any push assistance exercise
upper back

…would the FSL and then dips be redundant volume? should I pick to do FSL OR the push assistance or is it recommended to do both? thanks.

I’m 50, about 80lb overweight, and I still manage to do both pretty well.

Last night I managed 155x5x5 (after doing Pro 5’s and an unscripted double at 225), I did some rows next, then managed BW dip sets of 10, 10 & 8. I left the apparatus to take a piss and came back to a trio of bros doing assisted pullups on it, so I bailed, but in the past I’ve managed to get 40 or 50…

TLDR? -Yes, you should be able to do this.

Do both. Redundant volume isn’t a thing.

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You’re okay doing everything you wrote. But if you start to feel fatigued, then cutting back on optional accessories is totally okay too.

thanks for the responses. i think i also may have been pushing to the final 5/3/1 set a little to hard. see how it goes.

Also, if I was doing a squat workout and i wanted to chose between FSL after squats or good mornings or RDLs, would just doing the FSL squats be more productive? thanks.