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5/3/1 Variations to Deadlifts


Hi Guys,

I'm a new lifter but have started to look at this program to build some solid strength. I damaged some discs badly in my lower back last year and this means that deadlifting is out for now.

Squatting seems to be fine though, but does anyone have any advice to what I replace Deadlifting with?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated


most variations involve alot of disc pressure just as deadlifts do, things you might want would be sumo deads keeping note of the straight back, split squats, glute ham raises, lunges all that shit.


Trap bar deadlifts, although for me my legs are hit mostly doing them. I don't really feel my back having to work too much till I get really high in weight. If you're doing 5/3/1 and absolutely can't deadlifts at all would it be an option to just not do a deadlifts day in the program?

With your injury is it possible that you could start deadliftng again at low weight working back up almost as a sort of rehab?


My discs were destroyed and spilled out onto my sciatic nerve for a long time. I had a procedure done and I'm not 100%(never will be) but manageable with yoga, core work, stretching etc. The physio advised no deadlifts whatsoever so I'm trying to work around that one with 5/3/1 and the assistance work (I'm doing the Triumvirate). Added to that some hard conditioning on off days of course.


Why don't you spend the deadlift day working on each component, minus the low back?

For example
Warm up: Hip Movement ex. KB swings
A. Rowing Variation
B. Pulldown Variation
C. Hamstring exercise


Yes this and hyper extensions may be the way to go


I also agree with this. If you cant deadlift, work the muscles that deadlift in ways you can.


you may also just want to not do 5/3/1 once i started gettig injuries i found written programs became worse for me because i was trying to work around my injuries while doing the program, you may need to start customizing it for yourself, it sounds like youre no longer able to do all movements, which limits alot of programs. Just my experience. Be wary of the squats bro, they can be worse on the back than deads easily


There was an old routine about training the DL w/ o pulling (I think Bill Star might have wrote it)

Anyway, it basically involved a lot of shrugs, power cleans good mornings and rows if I recall correctly. I don't know the extent of your injury, but if you can handle some pulling something you could do is:
A)Speed Pulls or power cleans
C) Rows
D) Shrugs


I had a disc issue last year as well. The Sumo Deadlift has worked well for me and I have little trouble with my back in using that variation. I actually had more trouble getting back into Back Squats than Sumo DL's.


More squatting


I do not undertstand how you can squat but not deadlift.


Must be the shear force that bothers him, and not compression.


Powercleans, power snatches, box squats from different stances and bar positions, bb row variations. Those exercises together will pretty much cover what deadlifts will.


I guess, but there should still be shear force on squats .


I guess, but there should still be shear force on squats .


I guess, but there should still be shear force on squats .


There is, and there is still compression with deadlifts. Just not as much.


then wide sumos with a straight back should do the trick no?


Should be a lot better, but it may or may not still cause pain.