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5/3/1 Unpopular Opinion: Not Pushing Rep PRs

Ok. So here goes what I’m implying in the topic is I actually dont like the 531 anchor pr sets I just don’t like pushing rep prs .I’m the type of person that can sometimes overshoot reps and good at grinding reps . To put it simplic I like my 5s for compound lifts and if i could i would rather run 5 pros 5x5 fsl for ever or other templates that keep it to 5 and below and keeping non compound accesories at 10 -15 rep range ofc. Is it possible to just do 2 leader 7th week test rinse and repeat and skip the anchor?

Why not do the anchors that use jokers instead of rep PRs?

I Dont have the forever book on me right now maybe I missed it but most of the time I saw jokers 5/3/1 reps prs were also involved .if I can just do joker and no rep prs that would suit me better I work on construction and I’ve notice the anchor rep prs are just draining and I feel miserable for those 3 weeks along with my job.

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You don’t have to use PR sets in anchor. 5s pro,jokers,some easy supplemental… You name it.

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