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5/3/1 Two Days a Week with Option 2?

Switzerland is the home of one of the top 5 metal bands of all time: Celtic Frost. Literally the most important band to me and to thousands of bands.

If you want to know why their music is so damn dark, try listening to this interview. It’s a sobering look into how so many artists’ art comes from a lifetime of suffering and trying to pull through.

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Wow. It must be 25 years since I listened to Celtic Frost. Where did that time go? At least I know who I’m going to be listening to for the rest of the week.

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Hey Jim, I have seen this setup in the 2x2x2 training in your book.

Why is it that Some weeks squats get doubled up yet at the same time DL get omitted? Never really understood why we dont do Squat 5/3/1 and DL 5 x 10 week 1 then then DL 5/3/1 and Squat 5x10 week 2.

Would you still be adding 10lbs each month even though the volume on DL is a lot lower than the volume for squats the same month.

I’m not Jim, but if I were to guess, the reason the deadlift gets omitted is because the squat has more carryover to the deadlift. If you skip conventional/sumo deadlift volume work, but continue to squat, this will have greater impact on both lifts, whereas the deadlift volume work doesn’t help the squat as much. Another reason might be recovery of the DL vs. squat.

It also helps to squat every week, whereas deadlifting every other week should suffice.

Again, not Jim here, only trying to make sense of the programming he’s laid out. Perhaps he’ll offer more explanation.

You are probably right.

I guess again what I dont get is that in either case we are squatting 1 day per week, just the volume is higher 1 day per fortnight.

This has appeared a few times in Jim’s programming so there is definatley a reason for it, its not a typo!

I am following 2x2x2 training and coincidentally my next cycle starts next week… and its the hypertrophy stage AND I have been wondering about putting dips into my program!!! I think Ill follow this one for a bit.

So I do the first Cycle (6 Weeks) and then I go to the second Cycle.
Do I ever go back to the Template, written in Cycle 1? Or will I stay with the second template?

You keep a;alternating them

okey, didnt really get that from the post! thanks :slight_smile:

After trying my 1RMs for all the mainlifts, I started with the template exactly as Jim wrote it.
Now everybody writes about PRs. BUT I never use the same weight twice. So i guess, u PR the ‘CALCULATED 1RM’? Is this the number you take to compare between the trainings?

Because of the weight of the 5/5/5+ is lower than 3/3/3+ than 5/3/1+, so i can’t imagine another way to compare those sets!

Thanks for a short reply :slight_smile:

PS: Those trainings are tough. I LOVE it to give everything for those 5/3/1 sets and to know, that everything else is only assistance. This helps to do some awesome sets. The assistance looks like easy on the paper, but after all the assistance work, I’m totally done :-). I definetly will follow the template for several cycles and stay in this forum :smiley:

I don’t always go for PRs, but when I do, I prefer to use my calculated 1RM from the formula in the original 531 book.

Okey, thats what i meant… everybody screams for PRs :slight_smile:

I will use the formula of the books

Jim, could this be done with 5’s Pro, or would that not work with this setup? Something like:

Cycle 1- Squat/Dead 5’s pro. 5x10 Squats, etc.
Bench/Press 5’s Pro. 5x10-25 dips, etc.

Cycle 2- Squat/Dead 5’s pro. Squat 5x5 Fsl, etc.
Bench/Press 5’s Pro. Opposite lift 5x5 Fsl etc.

Cycle 3- Squat/Dead 531 PR set. 5x10 Squats, etc.
Bench/Press 531 PR set. 5x10-25 dips, etc.

Cycle 4- Squat/Dead 531 PR set. Squat 5x5 Fsl, etc.
Bench/Press 531 PR set. Opposite lift 5x5 Fsl etc.

(including agile 8, easy conditioning, jumps/throws)

If I’m reading this correctly, you are replacing the PR sets with 5’s PRO? If that is the case, that is acceptable.

I wouldn’t replace the barbell work with dips - do the dips/chins on your dead/squat days.

Yup, all the same but just PR sets with 5’s Pro. Think I will give this template a shot after I finish my current one! Many thanks Jim!

Another question about the template :-):
Right now I have a little bit more time then I normally do.
Can I just do the template 3x a week how it’s written here? Or will it be too much?
I would go for:
W1: Squat/Bench/Dead
W2: Press/Squat/Bencht

Why not just use a 3 day a week template rather than adapting a 2 day a week template to 3? They are all in the book and there are many posted on here.

I know about them and i bought both books. My problem is, that I have so much time for only about 4 weeks… after those 4 weeks I will have to reduce it from 3 to 2 per week again. And I think it doesn’t make sense to change the template for 4 weeks. Thats why… :slight_smile:

So train twice a week, as the program states, rather than changing it for 4 weeks.

There is a simple solution - have an A workout and a B workout. This is exactly what I wrote for the TNation article detailing training for busy people.

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Okey, also a smart solution! But I think I stick to the template you wrote down for me before. Much fun and a lot of sweat so far! Thanks a lot Jim!