5/3/1 Two Days a Week, But When?

i know alot of you are going to say just fucking lift! which i appreciate. im going to start doing my 5/3/1 lifting 2x a week. in order to lose this nasty fat I have. then i will lift 4x a week to get BIG. im thinking of doing my lifts mon & tue. then doing circuits, strongman stuff, sprints. almost everyone says lift mon & thurs. or Tue & Fri. but why?? what do you think?

lift mon. tue. and the rest of the week. get in some good cardio/circuits?

Why not lift 4x a week, but just lower the training volume so you can do more of the fat loss stuff?

That would be lower the volume of your assistance work.

I second that you should do the four times a week even to lose fat. You should really watch your diet and throw in some cardio during the fat loss phase. When you want to get “big” then eat more calories and stop doing cardio. My argument for fat loss through weightlifting is as such…

lifting heavy weights = bigger stronger muscles
bigger stronger muscles = faster metabolism
faster metabolism = more calories burned at rest
more calories burned at rest = more fat lost

Just do the four times a week with cardio on your upper body days. Do cardio on two of the three off days as well. If you can, workout earlier in the day and cut your carbs back in the evening. Now you can lose fat and put on muscle at the same friggin time, who would have thought?

Jim Wendler talks about training two times pr week and how to set up your weekly training according to your goal + more in this article.

hope it helps.

@jsmiley07 i have deff thought about that option. i figured by doing cardio alot more and only lifting 2x a week. i can some how keep my strength. but since i am eating less carbs/calories i figure im not going to break any PR’s like Jim said. so this actually makes more sense. i do lift in the am. so ill keep my carbs pre/intra/post and the rest of the day will be fats/protein. im going to give it a try. lift 4x a week. do some GPP on wednesday. and a stronman circuit on sat for more fun. and on my upper body days im going to do inclined walking/ maybe some jogging so i can burn this fat off. thanks for the advice.

Have you ever looked at the EDT article?

I’m not telling you how you should do this, but this how I would do it if I wanted to lose a lot of fat fast.

I would do the 5/3/1 workouts 3-4 days a week depending on my workload, stress, etc. I would do some of those EDT style circuits for the rest of the workout. I have a naturally fast metabolism and my body doesn’t like to hold on to fat or muscle so I would do some sort of intense cardio 30minutes 2x a week (like the stuff you mentioned).

I have’t incorporated EDT into 5/3/1, but I have done it on it’s own and it turned my body into a lean fat burning furnace and was the only time I had a clearly visible 6-pack.


Escalating density training. Put the TLA (three letter acronym) EDT into the search engine and I think you’ll bring up the article.