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5/3/1 Tweak for Forearms and Brachioradialis

I am not looking for an opinion on this (insofar as approval is concerned), I am just throwing it out there for people who want to sneak a little arm training into their 5/3/1 program without adding a lot of time or exercises to the session.

On OHP day, I reverse curl the weight into place each rep for the press. When the load gets too much for a reverse curl in good form, I switch to a hang clean to get it into place (which gives the forearms a break as I do my work sets for shoulders). On my BBB sets, I return to the reverse curl set up and continue the process I started in the warm ups.

I had recurring elbow flexors issues from boxing and wrestling so I was looking for way to add some extra sets in to rehab the problem; this is what I came up with and it’s been working well. I’ve been doing it now for three cycles (3 months) and it’s helped everything from my injury concerns to my pull ups; thought I would share with the rest of T-Nation.