5/3/1 + Triphasic/French Contrast Programming

Hello. Pretty new to the forums so please be gentle with me Lol.

I’ll go straight to my question. Is anyone familiar with Cal Dietz French Contrast / Triphasic Training and is well-versed with the 5/3/1? – Would there be anyway to mix the two. Goal is to be able to increase strength but also be able to train for power and speed.

Quick background about me – i’ve done 5/3/1 + BBB; FSL; etc etc, in the past and have gotten great results from it. But then i’ve recently gotten back to playing ice hockey recreationally. Ive recently tried the offseason triphasic + French Contrast training of Cal dietz and i could say ive gotten faster and fitter for the sport. However, i felt my strength in the lifts dropped significantly (yes i know that it will have to give due to the focus on speed and power)

Though Im just doing hockey recreationally and i dont really have a peaking period (just regular beer league where i don’t want to suck)… was wondering if anyone here can help attempt to mix both methodologies/programs. I just want to continuously get stronger, but at the same time have that speed and power for sports.

p.s. I’m also looking at mixing a few olympic lifts to the program since i enjoy doing them as well

Thank you

I only know the basics of french contrast training through what a buddy in the gym has explained that uses it for Rugby, but even with my limited knowledge I see that he always starts with a main lift compound. Isn’t it as simple as just doing the main lifts as 5/3/1 and then the accessories as the rest of the french contrast stuff?

Some of the 531 assistance templates 5x5 work can end up being strength/speed work anyway. Make the rest of your workout the plyometrics and speed stuff and you’ll probably be fine.

You make a good point about the assistance being a speed/power thing… hmm…
By the way, i was thinking of doing the 5/3/1 only for my legs/squat

i think what im trying to do is to add the french contrast for power, but still be able to do a proper strength program, while avoiding over training (since french contrast is only effective if done near max %, though done in singles or doubles). So what i had in mind would be:
monday - Do one of the 5/3/1 beyond template
then maybe on a wed or thurs: French contrast
then between i’ll have a snatch and clean day
then maybe a conditioning day on a friday

I might be wanting to mix both since i got good results doing each separately, though not sure if that would actually be detrimental.
but since i really just like the training aspect of things… i dont need to progress fast… or be as efficient as doing the programs on its own.

One of the most important things I’ve learned through reading a ton of articles and books is that Everything can work. As long as you have a progression model that you’re happy with, all the primary movement patterns, and take care of your recovery… there’s no reason that what you have in mind won’t work.

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No. This is too heavy.Post-activation potentiation doesn’t work if the fatigue generated is greater. For having dabbled with Conjugate + French Contrast for dynamic days… go lighter. 85% at the utmost. And I was using lighter weights in the end. Check out John Meadows videos on the subject on Youtube. These pro players were using like 60-75% of their max AT BEST.

It’s very neurally draining so beware of your recovery


Gotcha! thank you for this. Will check out what you suggested! Cheers!

Just watched the episode with Jeff Nippard. awesome stuff.

Just wanted to ask if you dont mind, if i do a dynamic day using french contrast for squats… would it be fine to do an olympic lift (clean with a full squat) on the same day? before or after the french contrast? On the day i do a squat strength day… im planning to add Snatches at the start of the workout similar to a number of olympic lifting programs (usually the base phase – since im not competing or anything, though id like to add weight on my 1RMs) For these days, i dont plan on maxing out for the oly lifts though. ill do that on another day thats purely olympic lifting

I would stick to o-lifts before your max effort. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to improve your main lifts.

If you want to practice them, maybe do them on another day. Like I told you, FC is actually very draining, after you should just add very easy stuff


Got this! thanks again for the time! big help. Things are clearer now. :slight_smile:

Would this be somewhat…okay (i usually workout noon or evening):

Day 1 - Snatch Work + 5/3/1 Squat
Day 2 - Aerobic Conditioning (bike) / Aerobic GPP (Morning) + Hockey (night)
Day 3 - Clean + Deadlift (or heavy Clean DLs)
Day 4 - Push Day (Bench or Presses and Jerks) + Hockey (Night)
Day 5 - Dynamic Day (french contrast Squat or Trapbar DL) + Accessory Work
Day 6 - Heavy Snatch and Clean & Jerk Day
Day 7 - Full recovery

You know your body and your capacity to recover so you’re the better judge (and I hope you are not super good at olifts) bit I think this is too much. You have 4 intense leg days.

I would stick to 3 main training days imho. Maybe 1 upper 2 lower, where you start with light/medium olifting. And at most another easier assistance day where you bring up like 3 weakest bodyparts. Then if you feel really fine and progress, maybe add more work and assess

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