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5/3/1 Training


My understanding of this training is you do 5 reps at 60% , 70% and then 80% the first week.
first you find your 1 rep max and take away 10@ of that then you take your % from that.
week 2: 65% 3 reps 75% 3 reps 85% 3 reps. and Its only on the last set of each % that you can do more reps if your capable of doing so.
Week 3. 75% 5 reps 85% 3 reps and lastly 95% 1 rep...
week 4 is deloading week.
then if you hit all the reps you add 5lbs. Roughly I think that's it... correct me if i am wrong here


Do you have the book?




Lol we could easily give him the %'s but its just so much more fun this way.


No phat I don't have the book... I got most of the info from an article of his..


you should get the book.

there are tons of articles here that outline how it works.
and there are several threads that wendler himself answers all
questions himself.


Yeah, a huge +1 on buying the book. Get it from his website (jimwendler.com) and you'll get the second edition. Seriously, $20 is cheap to invest and he's been a super resource and even answers the questions in the 5/3/1 thread in the powerlifting forum.



Def get the book.


If I get the book, will my lifts go up ? I mean...guaranteed ?


What the fuck kind of question is that? As if the book has any relevance to how you approach your training... That said, if there's nothing wrong with you in gsneral physically/hormonally/nutritionally and you follow the program as written in the book, then yes your lifts will go up.


Yeah 20 bucks isn't bad at all... I had the impression it was an e-book and more than 20 ok.. I am reading now a book called THe science of strength training by Tudor Bompus. and I do have a book by J krammer and associate on the scientific principles of weight training. Both are top shelf. I've learn a hell of a lot from Bompus. I've read some stuff by Jim Wendler. Basically i think the book is about maximum strength training. The thing for me is know when to back off so that the body doesn't get stuck at one point... But you have the book so you would know more than i.


Yes, reading anything written by Jim wendler adds at least 50 lbs to your total, and increases penis size by 2"


^^^^^^ after reading that I bought the book twice - better go warn the wife what she's in for!!


A totally serial question...sheesh...no need to curse, bite and cuss...I'm honesttagod needing to know if I spend 20 bucks on a book and it fails to make me stronger whether or not this Jim Wiendler character will pay me back...wait...Weindler...isn't that the congressman that was up to shenanigans in public restrooms?


Now this is more like it !

Sheesh...I know we're all mature and junk here as we're over 35, but we gotta have room for jocularity.


What up Sen, I bought the book.

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Get the book. Its worth the expense.
Im only on the 3rd week of my first cycle and iv already surprised myself


dun killed me :'D


I stole the book from a homeless guy that I beat up last week.

now I's so swole it hurts and shit.


You sure you are doing it right if you only gained 2"?