5/3/1 Training log

I thought it was about time i started putting my training out there for people to see and make myself accountable to people outside of my immediate environment. This came from some advice given to me by a training partner and competitive lifter.

SO i’m following Wendlers 5/3/1 with an emphasis on maximal strength development at the moment. This will change slightly as the year goes on and my goals alter due to other sporting commitments changing etc. I’ll always stay within the 5/3/1 framework but use Jims advice about just moving the emphasis of training between the strength work, accessory/hypertrophy work and the conditioning work.

Any comments appreciated so feel free to let loose!

My goals at the start were:

100kg Bench
150kg Squat
175kg Deadlift

I’ll put up all my session logs ASAP but I already hit the 100kg bench last week so that will be adjusted again but the targets for Squat and Deadlift will be the main goals for the next few cycles.