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5/3/1 to Texas Method?


I've been doing 5/3/1 for about a year and a half now altogether, and my progress has dramatically slowed down (very good altogether - love 5/3/1), despite playing with assistance, changing volume e.t.c. So im thinking about changing to another program in which i hope to start progressing nicely again. I bench about 110kg, squat about 145kg and deadlift close to 200kg.

I was wondering if the texas method might be a good option, as i've never done anything like it before. I'm thinking start really light as i've never squatted that regularly, and just progress week to week.
What have other people done after finishing on 5/3/1? 5/3/1 seems all i know... haha.
Any input is appreciated.



Finish? Why would you finish?? lol

I'm finishing up my 25th training cycle. I was starting to get burned out with it and decided to change things up a little. This cycle, I did three sets of the top weight, getting just the goal reps. I have hit new max PR's on every lift so far. Just an option.

NO, this is not 5/3/1 for the hardcore followers, but it's working.


Thanks for the reply.
Shit, 25 cycles is a lot man... Props for sticking to it. I just feel i need a change, and texas methods just seems really appealing (i've been reading about it for the past couple days). I do like the sound of the extra sets at the top weight on 5/3/1 though - i thought i may need some more work sets at higher percentages to increase strength - so this seems to do that well. But, i'd deffinitely have to drop a couple cycles back for deadlift (3 sets at the weight right now would KILL me). AH i dunno what to do tbh... Guess i'll have to decide.. And how did you hit new max PRs on every lift so far if your only hitting the prescribed reps for multiple sets?



I wanted to do more sets/volume because my bench was stagnant. More work seems to have helped ... for everything. I'm tempted to run it again for another cycle. Deadlift ... I did 8x465 last cycle, so 3x3x465 this cycle. It wasn't fun but I think worth it.

How did I hit new PR's? I haven't tested in a while, but I know I wouldn't have been able to last month. Bench for instance. I did 345 last night. Last month I might have been able to 315. Squat, I got 465. Last cycle 425 would have buried me.

The point of 5/3/1 is training with sub-maximal weights and increasing your max. I know there are other programs that do that same thing, but I can't speak for them.