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5/3/1 to 6/5/4


Gonna log my 5/3/1 training here to keep myself something to look back at.

I have been doing 5/3/1 for a while and loving it. The philosophy of just eat, lift, and sprint are so simple and effective. I no longer worry about every minute detail regarding my lifting and nutrition (eating clean and healthy food 90% of the time) so I don't look like I have OCD lol

My goal is 600 deadlift, 500 squat, and 400 bench (hence the 6/5/4!). Now, I'm nowhere close to it. But I'm confident I'll be a lot closer a few years down the road doing this than anything else. It may take me 5 or 10 or however many but I'm gunning for it.

Today is the first day of my new cycle.

Military Press
1x5 @ 95
1x5 @ 110
1x8 @ 125

2x3 @ +90
1x8 @ +70

Standing Db Shoulder (Neutral)
1x10 @ 45 <-- too heavy
4x10 @ 35

V-Bar Lat Pulldown
3x10 @ 140

DB Row
1x20 @ 100

Forgot my strap so went as heavy as grip could permit only

Tomorrow is an off day but I plan to do some hill sprints...and possibly a light fasted jog in the morning for 15-20 min depending upon my meal of choice later tonight.


Good press man, I will be following this log( I am running 531 myself and like to see how others are doing on it )


Whats your stats?, what do your entire routine look like and besides the 6/5/4 goal, do you have any others?

Sorry for all the questions btw :wink:


Stats as in my maxes?

My all time best for the 4 lifts:

Press: 185
Bench: 315
Squat: 365
Deadlift: 475

As of now, my strength has diminished a little as I shed some fat the past few months. I don't think it will take me too long to regain them and push forward though!

My other 3 days look like this:

Deadlift 5/3/1
ATG Squats 5x10
Leg Curls 5x10
Ab Circuits

Bench Press 5/3/1
CGBP 5x10 (paused)
DB Incline 5x10
Rack Chins 3x10
Smith Row 1x6-8 + 1x8-12

Cleans 5/3/1
Squats 5/3/1
Deficit Deadlift 5x10
Leg Press ***this set depends on feel. If tired, skip
Ab Circuits

Basic premise is 5/3/1 and my assistance exercise have been tweaked to fit my needs.

Hope that helps!

Today was rest day. Had a light 15min fasted cardio in the morning and later on the day 10 hill runs (not sprints, just strides because hamstrings are still not fully recovered).


Missed a few questions. I do have a few goals.

-Doing a muscle up
-Running a 50s 400m
-And a good vert jump


Forgot to log my diet for yesterday.

So what I consumed throughout the day was:

10 whole eggs
7oz chicken breast
6oz steak
3oz pork
3 scoops whey
12ct baked mussels
stir fry veggies with shrimp
a small bowl of rice
some dabbles of multigrain chips
5cap fish oil
Olive oil, coconut oil, some butter

Yesterday being a non-workout day, carbs were naturally low. They consumed prior to my hill runs.


Hamstrings are still mildly sore/fatigue from last workout and did not fully recover yet. So today I decided to take it easy but hitting prescribed weights only and lighter weights for the assistance exercises.

Power Clean
1x5 @ 115
1x5 @ 135
1x5 @ 155

This is the first time I'm training cleans ever since my HS track days about 6 years ago. I used today to gauge what numbers I will be using in the future. I want to hit the 225lb clean!

1x5 @ 225
1x5 @ 245
1x5 @ 275

Hit prescribed weights and done. Did not want to push too much with my hamstring as it is.

Deficit Deadlifts
5x10 @ 185

Ab Circuit

Done for the day!


Good to see another 5/3/1 log on here!

What kind of sprints are you doing?

Also what is your height/weight?

I'm keen to watch your progress with the Power Clean in particular, as I will be doing these as part of 5/3/1 Full Body Training Phase 4 later this year.

Good luck with your goals man


I'm 5'9" 180lb atm

I do hill sprints. It's about 40-50m and pretty steep on some parts.

Full body 5/3/1 is something I'm definitely jumping into a few cycles down the road.

Thanks and good luck to you!


Thanks for the detailed answer man :slight_smile:

You have some good all time PR`s there, I hope you crush them in a not to distant future :slight_smile:

I also like the reasoning behind your template aka that you say that you adjust according to your needs.

I wish you the best of luck reaching all of your goals man :slight_smile:


No problem!

The way I structured it is easy, I just pick exercises which have shown to help me improve in the big lifts and go with it. For example, shoulder day I have heavy dips. The reason is because heavy dips have helped increase my bench in the past. I have done 5x10 dips as outlined but that never really got me anywhere. The standing db press is a new addition and so far I am liking it. Traditional 5x10 military press didn't really help me either. Sometimes I need a new exercise to fix a certain weak point. As for lower body, there is ATG squats as opposed to parallel, deficits, and power cleans because I am weak out of the hole in both squat and deadlift!


Yesterday was off day. Did 15min light fasted cardio and 5 hill sprints later the day.

Due to some changes, I will have to push Bench day to Saturday so that I have a spotter. Because of that, today will be shoulder day again. It will still be treat as first day of 5/3/1 and goal is to hit more reps on final set than last time.


Military Press
1x5 @ 95
1x5 @ 110
1x9 @ 125 <--awww yeaa 1 more rep

3x3 @ +90

Standing DB Press
1x10 @ 35
2x10 @ 40
2x10 @ 35

Shoulder Destruction Set

DB Row
1x15 @ 110

70s of extreme lat stretch


1x5 @ 275
1x5 @ 315
1x8 @ 350

ATG Squats
5x10 @ 155

These were done with a 1sec pause at the bottom

short on time so skipped leg curls

Ab Circuits

Busy day today...didn't eat enough so far


1x5 @ 185
1x5 @ 205
1x8 @ 225


These were done with a 1sec pause at the bottom

5x10 @ 135

DB Incline Press

5x10 @ 55

WG Lat Pulldowns

These were done with emphasis on eccentric and stretch at the top

3x10 @ 140

Smith Row

1x6 @ 205
1x10 @ 185

Today's weather is GREAT. Might do some 400m runs later


Good bench man :slight_smile:

Keep it up.


Thanks. I have catch up to do though. When I was 210 (30lb heavier), I did 3x10 @ 225 lol

I ended up taking a long stroll (40min) yesterday evening instead. Today, I will do the 400m. It will be light intensity though..not exceeding 60%. Tomorrow is leg day after all.


Power Cleans
1x3 @ 115
1x3 @ 135
1x7 @ 160

Not bad..

1x3 @ 245
1x3 @ 265
1x5 @ 295

Need to learn to keep knees from caving

Deficit Deadlift
1x10 @ 185
4x10 @ 205

Grip nearly died at the end

Ab Circuit

BB Curl
3x5 @ 95
last set followed immediately by 1x10 @ 65 followed immediately by 1x12 @ 45


Did 3x400m today. Damn this is hard with heavy wind during final stretch...


Military Press
1x3 @ 115
1x3 @ 125
1x6 @ 135

1x3 @ 90
1x3 @ 100
1x4 @ 90

100lb was actually a PR. Never did that before

Standing DB Press
1x10 @ 40
2x10 @ 42.5
2x10 @ 40

V-Grip Pulldown
1x10 @ 140
2x10 @ 150

DB Row
1x20 @ 110

Shoulder Destruction Set

Getting leaner somewhat.


Good press and congrats with a PR in dips Doh :slight_smile: