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5-3-1 Thoughts for master lifters?


56 year old, life long lifter who wants to add some muscle mass after spending 15 years running quite a bit and losing mass as well. Any 5-3-1 advice for an older lifter?


Start w/ the original and tailor it from there. It's a great program.


Agreed with osu, I'm 49 and it's working great for me. The deload week every 4th week gives me the recovery I need. Don't do the 5/3/1 template from 'beyond 5/3/1' that only does a deload week every other cycle, take all the deloads and your body will thank you. Also, if the volume gets to be too much, take a look at 'lifting for Mr. Grey Pubes' from the original 5/3/1 - it's a 2 days a week lifting template that gives more recovery. Don't jump straight to that though, try the standard 4 days a week and see if it works for you.


There is a whole section in the Beyond book. 2x2x2 Training


OLD GUYS RULE I am 49 being using 5-3-1 for 4 years now it is great get the beyond book read it there is a program in there for you , you just need to find the one ,you like and works, which is all of them do them as written don't modify and you will see results. but most of all have fun training.


I have the Kindle version of Beyond 5/3/1. In the table of contents it does not mention 2x2x2 training. Would someone please point me in the right direction to read about 2x2x2 training? What chapter in the Beyond 5/3/1 book is this covered? Thanks.


2 Day/Week Training
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or type 2x2x2 into the search function


Thanks! That is the most precise, direct, reply to my question. Very much appreciated.


Anyone keeping a workout log of this? 5/3/1 2 days a week? How about someone in the over 40 age group? Thanks.


I dont have a log book are anything but i just started this 2x2x2 today im 39yrs old but i have not workout in over 20yrs will see how it goes..


I'm keeping a log over in this site's training logs, 'Old guy trying to get strong'.

I'm doing 3/5/1 4 days a week with joker sets on 3's week and 1's week, and as long as I take a deload every 4th week it's working well for me.