5/3/1 Template for Size

Looking for recommendations on a appropriate 5/3/1 template with enough volume with the goal of gaining size


BBB Beefcake

Building the Monolith


This was Jim’s reply when asked nearly this exact question:


The biggest factor is diet and sleep. The template is only a small part.

Generally, people will refer you to BBB. Which works great. I had succes with SVR II, Original 531 challenge and Krypteia to build some good size.

Building the monolith and beach body challenge are amazing if you are ready for them.

But… then again. Just 5’s pro fsl with smart, full body assistance will get you big as well.

Eat well, sleep well and really aplly yourself to training. You’ll grow.

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Well, firstly, 531 is built around the goal to be overall strong and athletic.
Technically, you can gain size by doing anything in a progressive overload maner.

Size mostly comes from : 1)food 2)progressive overload… Food is on you. Progressive overload is implemented in any 531 program.

As far as volume goes - 531 has a lot… If you take all the supplemental and also assistance work into consideration, i would say there is a bit too much on most cases.
Its not the volume that stimulates growth - its the QUALITY volume. If size is goal, listen to Dave Palumbo… he said he did like 6 quality sets for most bodyparts a week when he was in his best shape.

Lift heavy. Eat big. Sleep big. Lounge around big. Eat before bed. Basically train hard and be a lazy ass after. Its pretty simple actually.