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5/3/1 Strength Challenge


Just wondering how many of you guys in the forum have ran the strength challenge outlined in beyond. Did you experience a great gain in strength? In particular, did you manage to get the 110% single on 3's week of the 3rd month? Just wondering as im planning to run it in succession with the bbb challenge


That is

How many of you have run* the strength challenge lol


Yes, it is by far my favorite of Jim's templates to run combined with FSL. I was able to hit the 110% and a decent size PR on each of my lifts during the test week. I ran the challenge as written and everything came as it should.

I run the 3/5/1 Template with FSL doing the 3rd working set as my AMRAP in my regular training. I seem to make the best progress this way and still get the TM single in my training which keeps my urge for Jokers at bay.


Thanks for the reply my man. I appreciate it. Excited to give it a go