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5/3/1 Stalling


I'm only on my 5/3/1 week of my 2nd cycle and I'm already stalling on my deadlift and squat. Surprisingly, my overhead press doesn't seem to slow down.

To be specific on the 5 week, I went for broke and got buried by a pesky 200 pounds on my squat on the 4th rep and on the 5/3/1 week I only managed to pull 295 for 2.

Should I tough it out to see what happens next cycle or should I just reset now on my lower body lifts?


Read the book, like for real.


Whoops, so burned out from studying that I forgot I had the book!


You clearly started with your training maxes too high for the SQ and DL. Re-read the part about starting too light. Back off your training maxes a good bit and start over.


^^ YES, I'm on my first cycle, week 2 I started low. For example today I was supposed to do 3+, well I got 11 reps. Maybe I under shot but that's ok. I still worked my ass off, which is what it's all about.


nah bro... thats what's supposed to happen. ur supposed to set a new PR for reps every workout. just keep doin what youre doin.


Eat and sleep more. (sarcasm)


you started too high. I'm on my 12th cycle and I'm still making progress in the Bench, deadlift and squat.(I finally had to scale back my military press) some would say I started too low but my deadlift went from 355 to 435 in less than a year. squat went from 300 to 370. bench went from 215-245x3. 531 only works if you check your ego at the door. Start low and you'll be setting PRs in no time.


don't forget to use 90 % of your 100 % when you start 5/3/1 (too much people forget this...)