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5/3/1 Stalling Question


please dont say READ THE BOOK...i own it, ive read it cover to cover 6 times the question i ask is about stalling, i know there have been other posts on here as well but i still dont get it sadly... soo here is an example

lets say my 5/3/1 "max" is 160 on OHP but i stall out on tht and have to reset, here is where i get confused do i take the 90% of 160 which is 144 and use that as my new 5/3/1 "max" or do i use that as my one rep max and put tht there???


i use sarg 5.3.1 spreadsheet for excel


OP, you have at least 4 thraeds on the FIRST PAGE of the powerlifting forum asking basic questions about 5/3/1 that are either answered directly in the book or in the GIANT FAQ post on EFS.

That's great that you read the book cover to cover 6 times, did you happen to absorb any of that information while you were at it?


There is a typo in the book on page 30. First line should read 90% not 10%.

Anyway, you should not be lifting your true max or training max at any time. For example, you are on your first cycle and your true max is 100 lbs., then your training max should be 90%, or 90 lbs. The most you will lift during this cycle is 95% of 90 lbs., or 85 lbs. (rounded) in week 3. If you stall in any week during the first cylce, then you started too high.

Moving on, you are adding weight each cycle to your training max. Say you are in week 3 of your fourth cycle and your training max for the press is now 105 lbs. after adding 5 lbs. each cycle to your training max. Assume that during the week 2 workout you pressed the prescribed 90% of 105 lbs. (95 lbs. rounded) for 5 reps. According to Wendler's formula, that would put your new "true" 1 RM at about 110 lbs. Now back to week 3. If you stall in week 3, you reset your training max based on your new "true" 1 RM that you just concluded to be 110 lbs. So your new training max is 100 lbs. (rounded). In this example, you are resetting to the same weight you used in the last cycle. It won't always work out this way, this example just coincidentally works out that way.

I hope this helps and is not too confusing.


im very confused actually, wht i'm trying to wrap my head around is where do i put my new max after i take 90% off of 160 which is 144?? do i use this new weight as the basis of my new percentages for my cycle
example 1rm= 160 90% of 1rm= 144
40 50 60 yadda yadda yadda x5+
40 50 60 yadda yadda yadda x3+
40 50 60 yaddax5 yaddax3 yaddax1+ ........ do i use the 144 and base my workout on tht or do i do it like this?
1rm=144 90% of 1rm= 129
you know what to put here...

which one???
PS: this is not my first cycle but its the first one ive had to reset on


stronghold i did absorb most of the info, i was just having a hard time understanding the stalling part which turns out to be a typo.......so dont get upset. thanx


forget wrapping your head around all these percentages and crap. pick a weight that you know you can get for at least 12 reps for your first week (85%) week. just to put a number on it, let's say you can do 120lb for 12 reps. then work backwards to find your new training max- 120 divided by .85 (aka, 85%) = 141. so "141" or 140 would be your new training max. then week 2 you would use 90% of 140, week 3 is 95% of 140, etc.

AGAIN- i just used 120 to show the math, obviously i dont know what weight you can get 12 reps with, you need to either find that or guess.

there's nothing magic about 12 reps either, just pick a weight you can get at least 12 with, if you end up getting 13, 14, 15, whatever, that's fine. this will ensure you are meeting (and surpassing) your required reps on 5's, 3's, and 1's weeks for a while.

you can try and figure out the percentages and all that (which i dont think is hard by any means) if you want to, but the point is you need to drop the weight to something that is low enough that you can get a good amount of reps in. who cares what percentage that turns out to be of your projected max?

that's just how i do it. ive used 5/3/1 for most of the past 2 years, and after reading the book through the first time, ive never had any of these types of questions. dont complicate it, just do what makes sense. i promise you Jim is not sitting around with a calculator trying to figure out what weights he should be using while he deals with his shoulder, nor was he when he wrote the book.


thank you dez6485, i truly appreciate that, i used to just keep it simple, but somewhere along the way i complicated it, put in unesessary bullshit, just ur posting what you did rele showd me how bad i made my training lol now ima take out whats not needed n stick with what matters, the way i used to


Is this a troll job?


i just read another post you made about 5/3/1 with all sorts of exercises doing the 5/3/1 reps and loading scheme- i hope youve decided against it, because it looked like a way to make your training a real pain in the ass. just do the main lifts 5/3/1, and do your assistance by how you feel that day. sure, write it all down as you do it, and the next time you do THAT SAME assistance lift, try in some way to do better than the last time (more reps with same weight, more weight for same reps, same weight for same reps in less sets, etc, etc).

even if doing the 5/3/1 rep/loading for assistance lifts doesnt burn you out- and i think it COULD, it certainly will begin to be a pain in the ass, and i think it could eventually start to zap your motivation as well. as weve discussed here, sometimes you have to reset your lifts- if you end up having to reset lifts all the time, simply because you have so many lifts that you are trying to do the 5/3/1 scheme with, its going to be a bit of a buzzkill. besides that, sometimes you need to work the movement- as in the main 5/3/1 lift for the day, and sometimes you need to be working the muscle- as in just getting some straight sets for volume.

i very strongly urge you to get out your 5/3/1 book, and go back to the beginning with a simple 5/3/1 template. ive got a log in the training section, check out pages 4-5 and youll see that i keep it pretty simple. my squat sucks, but otherwise im doing ok.


Looks like it, there about 5 threads started by the same guy about stupid 5/3/1 questions in the last few days. There is a main thread for the program, it should be used for this kind of thing (assuming they are legit questions).