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5/3/1 Squat Assistance: Front Squat Alternative?

Hi all,

Firstly, am new to the forum so hello…

I’ve been doing stronglifts for a little while and, having found that linear progression is just stalling,decided to buy the 531 book (both the initial version and the ‘beyond 531’)

My current plan looks like this and just wanted some thoughts…

Monday deadlift 531, squat BBB
Tuesday bench 531, press BBB
Weds Conditioning
Thursday press 531, dead 7x3, front squats
Friday conditioning
Sat Squat 531, bench BBB

I’m just wondering if, in place of my decision to do front squats, could anyone recommend some good squat variations to do, in order to assist my squat, as it’s starting to struggle…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Where did you find that template, it looks ehh unusual

If you want to do BBB do BBB lift the same day as main lift

Squat 5/3/1 - Squat BBB and so on.

Keep assistance low when doing BBB.

I suppose your goal is hypertrophy when doing BBB, then pick an TM thats quite low, then you shouldent struggle on squats.

That’s not a typical template, and it will likely not work out well if you are fairly strong. If you want to do BBB sets, do them with the same lift as the main 531 work.

For extra squat work, do goblet (or DB squats) as assistance work on both pressing days. So, do 5x10 with a reasonably heavy DB (like 80+ lbs) as one of your assistance exercises, either supersetted with the main work or done at the end. (I like to superset).

Example day:
Press 531, Press BBB. Superset main work/supplement with (alternate): 10 DB squats, 10 pull ups/rows.

Cool, thanks for the replies :slight_smile: So i won’t add another heavyish squat variation day then, as I do want to get stronger; some hypertrophy would be nice but that’s not my main aim.

I’ll give the leg assistant SS with my pressing main movements a go, thank you :slight_smile: