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5/3/1 Split Log

Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 175 Bf 14%
Diet: Carb Back Loading

Goals: Strength and Size
Short Term Goal: Squat 225 DL 340 ( Twice BW) Bench 185 - By June 21

4th round of 5/3/1. Really trying to stick with it.

Day A:

1a. Deads 5/3/1 (175 1rm)
1b. Obliques: 4x10

2a. Front Squats: 4x10
2b. Kettlebell Swings: 4x20

3a. Kettlebell Snatch 4x10
3b. BB Shrugs: 4x15

Day B:

1a. Pull-ups: 5,5,5,5
1b. Military: 5/3/1 (135 I RM)
1c. Abs: 10,10,10,10

2a. DB Rows: 4x10
2b. Incline Bench BB: 4x10

3a. Lat Raise/Front Raise l 4x12
3b Face Pull 4x12

Day C:

1a. Squats: 5/3/1 (180 1RM)
1b. Leg Raise

2a. RDL (DB) 4x10
2b. Decline Crunch: 4x10 (weighted)

3a. Lunge 4x10 (Each Leg)
3b. Leg Curl 4x10

Day D:

1a. T- Bar Rows: 4x10
1b. Bench: 5/3/1 (170 IRM)

2a. Bodyweight Chins: 4xf
2b. Incline DB presses: 4x10

3a. Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
3b. Dips: 4 x F

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