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5/3/1 Sets in BBB 3-Month Challenge?

Hi all,
I’m ready to begin the BBB three-month challenge. All is clear in the Beyond book. No problem. But I seem to recall in a recent thread–which, frustratingly, I can’t find!–that someone asked if the 531 sets should stop at the prescribed number of reps, as the book states, or whether they should be PRs as per normal. The replies suggested the latter. As such, I’m wondering if Jim’s thoughts on the Challenge have changed since writing Beyond. Should I cap my reps on the 531 sets or for for PRs?


I’m doing it the way it’s outlined in the book so I do not go for rep PRs on the final set of the work sets. So I do:

3 Warmup sets
3 Work sets
5 Assistance sets (5x10)

So there’s plenty of volume. I’m just about halfway through the challenge and have found 3 days per week works out really well for me.

For BBB I recommed 5’s PRO for the work sets. The way we structure the total program leaves plenty of time/training for PR’s.

Don’t try to fit 1000’s things into your training or a week: in hopes of making everything important and/or a priority. Time and place for everything.

MANY thanks to both. Yes, that helps a lot. The thought of doing 5x10 at 70% in my final month after rep PRs was not something I was looking forward to. As I wrote, the routine is simple to follow in the book, but I was getting conflicting info on the web, which was confusing me somewhat. All’s clear now. Looking forward to returning to BBB after a long break from it. My best results have all come from this.


You are welcome - glad to help.