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5/3/1 Sets During BBB 6 Week Challenge


"Boring But Big, 6 Week Challenge
This is similar to the Boring But Big 3 Month Challenge but done over 6 weeks. Here is the 6-­â??week program mapped out in its entirety. Push the last set of the 5/3/1 sets (the work sets) every week. Remember the percentages for the â??5x10â?? work are all based on your training max."

Ive read everywhere here when it comes to BBB routines, "only do the prescribed reps when doing BBB". but the book says otherwise in this case.

What do i do :stuck_out_tongue:


Do whatever the book says. The closer you follow the book, the better off you'll be!


Simple - the six week challenge you are referring to follows a different set of instructions than the BBB full 3 month challenge, which is what most guys are talking about on here when referencing no extra sets or reps on the big lifts. You follow one or the other, not both.

Since the full 3 month challenge and the six week version are not one in the same, they each have their own sections in the book. For the 3 month challenge done over six weeks, follow what is written in the book.

In the Beyond book, Jim explains exactly why you will NOT go for extra reps on the last set of the big lifts - IF you are following the traditional 3 Month Challenge template.