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5/3/1 Second Cycle Weight Question


Maybe this is answered in the book or my comprehension just sucks (likely #2) but when I go onto my second cycle of 5/3/1, do I add, for example, 5 lbs. to my max that I figure the percentages off of or to the actual lifts I did?

For example, if I based all my percentages off of a max of 135, I used 90 percent of that number to base my maxes off of - 120 lbs.

For cycle 2, do I go off of 140 lbs? Or just put 5 lbs. onto all the lifts I accomplished in the last cycle?

Much obliged for the help.


You should be adding 5lbs to your training max. In this case, it would be 120+5.


OK. So add 5 lbs. to the 90 percent number, and that's the deal for each cycle, yes?


Sort of.

Add 5 lbs to upper body lifts, and 10 lbs to lower body lifts. Example:

1RM tests:
Bench 200
OH Press 150
Squat 300
Deadlift 400

5/3/1 Max Weights 1st Cycle (90% of 1RMs);
Bench 180
OH Press 135
Squat 270
Deadlift 360

Max Weights for 2nd Cycle:
Bench 185 (180 +5)
OH Press 140 (135 +5)
Squat 280 (270 +10)
Deadlift 370 (360 +10)

Keep up the same addition for each new cycle.


Good point. I should have specified 5lbs for upper and 10lbs for lower.


Thanks for the help guys