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5-3-1 Round 2 and Me


Hi, I am Sarah

I am on round 2 of Jim Wendler's 531 and loving it!!! I just took a week off training because I was away snowboarding, a different kind of workout. Diet compliance has been a bit of a struggle but I have fixed that. I had a journal on FA a few months back, then I went back home to the states for 1 month, then I was a slacker on posting and TAH DAH....HERE I AM!!!

Back in January I started a quest to get in the best shape of my life. I am not aiming to run in a marathon...is it to much to ask to have a rock hard bod with a low bf%. I guess they go hand in hand.

I am open to all critiques, criticisms, cbears etc :wink:

I am on my 2nd round of 531 and the 2nd half of my quest for this year.

SHORT TERM GOALS--------------------
1. To at least do 1 pullup for f's sake
2. To get my BF% into the teens
3. To regain my willpower in regards to diet
4. To post here

Long term goals-----------------
1. 15% BF
2. Nice visible 6-pack
3. post in SAMA....lol
4. to be determined

oh ya, sorry about the side photo....maybe one day I will go back and fix it


tonight's WO

DL 3x5
99, 121, 132

Good Mornings 5 x 12
33, 33, 33, 33, 33

Ab roller 5 x 10

Food- Today was not good so we'll start fresh in the morning. Then, feel free to verbally abuse me if I fall astray.

*** Also, I need to get back into my foam rolling, fish oil consuming habits :slightly_smiling:

where I am it is bedtime. Good night


wanted to quote it just so u cant go back and edit it later.

lets get ready to RUH--RUHMMMBLEEEE


uick update from work. I want to come on here so badly from work but I dread the day my boss says, " Hmmmmm Sarah, we need to discuss the frquent visits to T-Nation, it does not seem to be work related". No tthat they check up on me, but just knowing that they can if they want to leaves me a bit paranoid.

Today's workout will be:

Bench 5x5 weight tbd
D.B. Bench 5 x 15 weight tbd
D.b. Row 5 x 10 weight tbd

9:00 Shake
11:30 Shake
1:00 salad and tuna
3:30 Pre-WO Lean beef and swiss cheese
5:30 PWO shake
730 or 8 undecided - tbd

I have also been walking for 30 min on my lunch break. I freakin sit all day long. I make a joke at work and say I am gonna run while sitting at my desk.....I am doing it now....picture it!!!! Hilarious


Thats a lot of shakes!
And wheres your fruit and veggies? :slight_smile:


True that. Shakes should be supplemental, don't use them as a meal. There is no substitute for healthy whole foods and a balanced diet. With a little planning and effort, why not prepare your meals ahead of time, and carry them with you in a cooler wherever you go?


Good luck with the program and your pull-up goal. Its worked great for me.


what the fuck is your problem with shakes? u got some yummy protein or something? or u trying to shit yourself whenever you laugh too hard? I recommend not doing leg day on this diet.

seriously. youre worried about updating at work but you dont wanna take the extra 5 min to plan your day and make a few extra meals to take with you to work.


Mom in MD & Yo Mamma - thank you for your feedback. Understood. It is a lot of shakes. Without excuses and explanation, I was not organized and made do with what I had. Now, I have time to prepare. In regards to fruit n veg, I am aiming to eat 5 - 6 meals a day, depending on if it is a training day or not. Although I love lifting heavy (or at least getting there) I also need to lean up a bit. Last I tested my BF was about 25% :frowning: therefore, I am currently not eating any fruit, bread, etc.

whup - Thank you for stopping by and for all the encouragement


Totally going for the shit myself approach while both laughing and lifting!!!

SERIOUSLY, you are right! Going shopping today to add some food to my protein powder infested cupboards.

I will post pics this weekend.

yesterdays workout was intense. I trained by myself and did not have a spot. I thought my last few reps on my last set of bench was gonna crunch down on me...but I got it up :slight_smile:

Yesterdays workout (I will convert from Kilos to LBS after breakfast)

bench press 3 x 5
33 kg, 38 kg, 38 kg

db incline press 5 x 10
10 kg, 10 kg, 8 kg, 8 kg, 8 kg

single arm bent over row (both feet on floor) 5 x 10
12 kg for all sets

My legs are still jell-o from weds WO = FOAM ROLLER HERE i COME


my diet plan is as follows

Low carb the majority of the time

2 clean carb up meals the night before leg days

1 cheat meal (usually on a sat. or sun)

*** Since my BF is high, should I not be having carbs so frequently or should I make the cheat meal every other week?

Right now, given that I will have my food planned and organised, I need to lose FAT

I am doing this for me. Summer will be approaching here in OZ and I plan to unveil a ripped new me :slight_smile:
Possible?!? yes, no , maybe

Please feel free to make suggestions, ideas, insults


Actually, your BF is not HIGH, its average :wink:
And you can still eat vegetables!


Todays diet

1 tsp coconut oil
1/4 cup coconut milk w/ protein shake

homemade vegetable soup
1/2 chicken breast

chicken breast

5 - pre wo
high fiber bar - 7 g carbs

7:30 PWO
beef and pork
vegetable soup

Protein dessert concoction


Squats 3 x 5
117 lbs
139 lbs
161 lbs

Extended sets (thanks Cbear...OUCH)
72 lbs x 12 - all the way down
72 lbs x 12 - all the way down
72 lbs x 12 - all the way down

Bulgarian Split Squats (quads shaking
22 lbs x 5 each side
22 lbs x 5 each side
22 lbs x 5 each side



Hello Sarah,
I am not an expert, but I do eat well, and there are still not enough vegetables in this diet for my taste. When I distill down the advice I see for a healthy diet, it includes minimal processing and a vegetable with every meal. This diet could be ok for a short blitz but long term....


sarah... diet is improving. what kind of vegetables and how much soup is with each meal? u drinking the broth as well? u should. try gettin some of that leafy stuff in there.

as for the coleslaw, it can be awesome. search the fa site for the article called "wok fu" with asian recipies in there... they have a great healthy version in there.

you're very welcome for the extended set. now go ask your bf for a massage. wear a thong when u do so.



I believe I am getting in enough vegetables. The soup is a crapload of brocc, zucchini, and leeks...sometimes I add other vegetables. I blend it up and eat the whole thing :slight_smile:

When I have a salad at lunch it has over ten different vegetables in it.

I will work on adding more but TBH I feel that I am getting in a lot. And I learned to like your mushy zucchini fries :slight_smile:

I will look up that recipe.

Quads are so sore

Off To work


hello sarah, concerning your nutrition this is the rule that you must follow:

1- always carbs in the morning: it can go from oatmeal to bread ( whole wheat off course) passing by the cereal.
exemple: 1 cup of oat+ 1scoop of protein+ 2 tbsp flaxeed ( carbs+ protein+ fat)
something that can really help you also is cottage chesse: it full protein and you can use it as snack with some fruit inside.

2- always carbs after your workout ( shake + frozen fruit are very good especially berries or strawberry)

in between go with as much fibrous carbs that you can ( asparagus, broccoli, spinach,etc...); drop the shake and eat..........

i hope that will help you.

and yes planing your meal will be the best way for you to stick whit your nutrition.

good luck.


Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my journal.

I agree that it is all about planning. I do keep the shakes around for certain circumstances. Also, I really enjoy having a shake for breakfast.

Right now I am sticking to 1-2 clean carb meals per week (night before a big workout) and then 1 cheat meal on the weekend.

I am not doing very much cardio at the moment...don't think mt 30 minute walk on my lunch break counts as "cardio"

I hate hate hate cardio but of course I will do anything to reach my goals.



9 - shake and 1 tsp coconut oil
11:00 - 2 HB eggs and 10 macadamia nuts
12 - Large salad with grilled berrimundi (white fish) - oil lemon dressing
3:00 - Tuna and broccoli
6:00 PWO low carb recovery drink
6:30 large salad with Chicken breast

Should have had something before bed...was not hungry...This is where I would prefer to just have another shake or somehting incorporating protein powder

Bench Press 3 x5
61.7 lbs, 85, lbs, 85 lbs (struggle)

Standing Military Press 3 x 5
33 lbs, 55 lbs, 66 lbs (was a struggle...had to use my legs on the last few reps to get the weigh tup)

DB incline chest press 5 sets
13 lbs x 15, 13 lbs x10, 13 lbs x10, 13 lbs x10, 13 lbs x 15

Muscle Snatch 5x 10
33 lbs, 33 lbs, 33 lbs, 33 lbs, 33 lbs,


if i had tits like that bench would be a struggle for me, too.