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5/3/1 Results and Thanks to Jim


I wanted to post some positive results from 6 cycles of 5/3/1. I have 5 years of training experience, and 36 years of life experience. I’m still a student of strength programming. First off I started at 5’8 175 lbs, now 186 lbs. I can’t stress enough how important clean eating is, and eating to fuel your goals. My numbers have improved as follows. OP 160-175. DL 350-385. BP 265-280. Squat 320-345. The most important improvement is my discipline, I’m more focused in every aspect of life and training. I’m learning to take advantage of the good days and still get my shit done on mediocre days. I look forward to testing/pushing my limits and being better everyday. After the 7th week protocol I’ll be starting the pervertor program from the forever book, really love how the program is designed. Big thanks to Jim for sharing his training wisdom.


Thanks for taking the time to share. It is much appreciated - keep pushing forward and keep learning!