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5/3/1 Results After 6 Cycles

Here is the bottom line results so far:

BP 195 x 3 to 225 x 1
DL 260 x 3 to 365 x 1
OHP 130 x 3 to 160 x 1
SQ 250 x 4 to 335 x 1

I am 50 years old, 6’, 214 lbs and a powerlifting noob as of October 2010. I am aiming for my first comp in November hopefully to total 1100 raw. I am planning getting in another 9 cycles or so before then. 5/3/1 has been great…I do not feel overtrained and am injury free. I do the main lifts as outlined exactly and have had no stalling so far. I change the accessory work fairly often (usually each cycle) and try to listen to my instinct and energy levels as to how much extra work to do. What a great program!

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