5/3/1 Rest Pause

I’m interested in starting the 5/3/1 Rest Pause as my next 5/3/1 phase, but have a question.
Jim, what is your opinion on splitting up the 2 days a week workout into 4 days a week. Not adding anything, just doing the squat one day and the Bench, Chin Up, and Tricep Extension another day. Similarly, Pulling just the Deadlift portion out of the Military Press day.

Not because I ‘need to workout 4 days a week’, just because, with my schedule, it should be easier to get 4 35-45ish minute workouts done in a week than 2 workouts that last over an hour…

I can’t really recommend it because I’ve never tried it - but if you want to change it, be my guest. I would NOT do this though. Just do the classic Doggcrapp 3x/week split - it’s been proven to work. Don’t you think following something proven would be the best bet?