5/3/1 Repeat Cycle?

just finished my first cycle of 531, now im on the deload week.
before starting 531 i was lifting heavy and havnt had a deload in 4 months and even tested my max on the lifts the week before the program.should i repeat the cycle since i didnt deload before the program? should have i got more reps on the max reps ? should i move on and add 5 pounds or repeat?



only got 4 hours of sleep this day


first day of stim break


If you hit every rep for the 5/3/1 portion, add 10lb for deadlift and squat, 5lb for press and bench. As long as you actually hit max reps, you should be fine.

alright thanks, i just dont want to stall early and have to start over. on the deadlift days i only got 1 more rep required on the plus sets. for example on the 3rd week of deadlifts on the max reps set i got 2 with 355 but the week before i started 5/3/1 i got 365 for 5

If you can’t do 5 reps with your TM, you are wrong. That’s a general rule to follow.

Reset now to 85% tm and reap the rewards. Do 5 cycles and go back 3.

i cant do 5 reps of the TM on either of the lifts besides ohp
Deadlift 1rm 415, 5rm 365, TM 375
bench 1rm 295, 5rm 260, TM 265
ohp 1rm 180, 5rm 160, TM 160
squat 1rm 325, 5rm 280, TM 290

if i reset to 85% will my real 1rm on the lifts go up 5-10 lbs a month? or will it take longer

No offense, but it sounds like you’re trying to do the program without fully understanding it. Based on taking a deload week after the first cycle I’m guessing you haven’t read the Beyond book, and based on TM questions, it doesn’t sound like you’ve read many articles or this forum much. You also need to think of this program as a long term strategy, not a way to improve every cycle or month. So what I would do:

  1. Reset training max to 85%

  2. (Re)read the books, do some searching on the site and forum about training max.

  3. Stick with the program for at least a few months if you’re on the fence about it, and make sure you do all of it (jumps, mobility, conditioning, etc).

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