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5/3/1 Recommended for Me?


Goal: Strength and Size
Would 5/3/1 be recommended for me with the following lifts?:

Squat - 305
Deadlift - 350
Bench - 260


Buy the book.

$20 and ALL will be revealed.


I have the book, good read even if i don't do the routine now.


5/3/1, Coan/Karwoski, whatever... All good. That being said, you've only given your lifts, not your goals and other info...

Given that you posted this in the bb forum... 5/3/1 on the main lifts is fine, I just wouldn't go with the assistance templates from the book personally.


5/3/1 with BBB conditioning is pretty good. There is a good spreadsheet somewhere out there.


I saw something on another site, a natty BB is using 5/3/1 and he says it's working great. He is currently following week 1 as normal including the assistance. He does BBB for the first week, then week 2 and 3 he picks his own accessory lifts.

I'm guessing he doesn't take a de-load week on the fourth week, which is just as well because it's probably not needed outside of powerlifting circles.


5/3/1 is the truth, m in my second cycle and have seen gains on every lift every week with heavier weights and better RM's and PR's. My Lifts are lighter than yours and i am seeing gains, You have to really take a humble look at the workouts and realize that your preparing your body to get stronger and that means lower weights.