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5/3/1 Question (about Finding Maxes)


I've been using online calculators (using my 95% times number of reps) to figure my max in order to get my percentages correct on my lifts. This has been working, until i lost the calculator i was using. Is this good enough, or does anyone have other advice?


The equation Wendler recommended was:

((rep x weight) x 1/30) + weight = 1RM.

Honestly, I'd just guess, and take 5kg off just to be safe.

In any case, that equation turned out to be a pretty accurate predictor in the 8-12 rep range... for me.


weight x rep x 0.0333 + weight = 1rm


Black Iron Beast solves all of life's problems in this case.


Thanks guys!


wow didn't know about it, thanks man.