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5/3/1 Pyramid w/ BBB?

I’ve been using 5/3/1 pyramid with FSL 5x5 and have made some pretty decent progress. I was looing to switch up a bit, so i’m was wondering if anyone is using the 5/3/1 pyramid with BBB or is that too much volume for one lift? Example of week 1would be:
50%x 5 sets of 10 reps
Assistance exercise 5x10

Thanks in advance!

Seems unnecessary, I think the PR sets are not used with BBB either or at least that is what Jim recommends. I would skip the added sets that make the pyramid and just use a slightly higher percentage on the BBB. If your doing 2 extra sets of 5 before you start BBB might as well drop them and do BBB at 55%

If you are not really strong/experienced I would recommend FSL weights for the BBB. 5’s PRO for the main sets, no PR set. This is what Jim seems to recommend.

I thought the pyramid percentages were used for supplemental work, so therefore you actually have two supplemental lifts after the main work. Pick one.

Thanks for the input, guys. It is much appreciated!