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5/3/1 Pyramid or FSL?

Hi everyone… first post here even if ive been reading the forum for a while… ive been doing 5/3/1 program since December with bbb with opposite lift assistance and now thinking about switching to pyramid or first set last…
In both cases a sample would be:
5/3/1 deads pyramid template
3x10 @ 50% squat
3x10 face pulls
3x10 curls

Or upper days like
5/3/1 bench pyramid template (chin ups between every set)
3x10 @ 50% military press
3x10 t bar rows
3x10 skull crusher

Does it look any good?

Looks good to me. You could do a couple cycles of the up/down ladder (pyramid) and then do a couple cycles of FSL. One thing I always try to do when doing FSL it try to hit it for 20 reps, and on the up down ladder, always try to get max reps on the top set and subsequent down sets.

So on ladder (5s week)
65% x5
75% x5
85% x5+

or FSL (5s week)
65% x5
75% x5
85% x5+
65% x20 (or at least try to get 20 - keep a bucket close by)

You are combing two different supplemental programs. Either choose the pyramid or choose one of the many FSL templates.

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The one in the example its with pyramid which is the one im going to do for 6 weeks. The rest in the example is just assistance… or is it too much and/or wrong?

I think Jim is saying that doing the pyramid for your main work AND doing 3x10 @ 50% of the other main work are two separate templates. Don’t do the pyramid for bench then do 3x10 @50% for OHP, same for squats/deads. You’re doing a BBB (but 3 sets instead of 5) and a pyramid at the same time. Don’t.

Well the pyramid is for main… 3x10 is assistance but if its not how its supposed to be i will do just main lift with pyramid template. Thanks