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5/3/1 Pyramid + 5's PRO

Hey all,

Don’t know if anyone besides Jim knows this for sure, but are the two down sets in the Pyramid variation in the Beyond book the supplemental sets for the workout? Or, are we expected to add in supplemental lifts like a 5’s PRO?

Example for those unfamiliar with the Pyramid: Squat TM=100

65x5, 75x5, 85x5+, 75x5, 65x5+

So skip to assistance after this, or could we do a 5’s PRO with Hack Squats or Front Squats?


You go right to assistance -you are already doing supplemental work, you do not need to do more of it.

Thanks, Jim.

Follow up question. Would I be able to do Hack Squat and Romanian DL for those two down sets on Squat/DL day respectively? They have helped me progress the two main lifts immensely.

If not, no big deal.

Sure - just do a different template.

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twentycharacters - fair enough - twentycharacters