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5/3/1 Progress


Hey Jim and everybody on T-Nation. My name is Luke Baumgartner. I'm a 15 year old freshmen at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Il. I've completed 5 and a half cycles of 5/3/1. I started off looking for a program that will help me become a better football player and get my name on the record boards at my school. I stumbled upon 5/3/1 after my cousin (pro bodybuilder) turned me on to this website.

I started off with some skepticism but I just decided to go with it and see how it worked. Well, it's worked. I haven't even bought the book (because my parents won't get it for me), so instead, I've used the sample workout that Jim posted in his interview. I've followed it religiously and here are my results. I started out in November, 2009. And as of now my old and new PRs are: Bench - Old: 165x2. New: 225x2. Squat - Old: 265x3. New: 335x3. Deadlift - Old: 275x2. New: 335x3. Military Press - Old: 115x2. New: 155x3. Next week is my max out week and will keep everybody posted. Thanks.


great progress, what you doing for assistance?


Wow - very cool!

But I thought this workout wasn't good for beginners? Ha!


Good work, keep at it.


Good work brother! good to see someone going after it hard. After this I would suggest any one of Chad Waterbury's programmes because they are amazing!


For assistance i do 5x12 db bench, 5x12 barbell rows and 5x12 incline db bench on bench day. on deadlift day i do 5x12 goodmornings and 5x12 pulldowns. On shoulder day i do 5x12 dips (dips are fucking awesome) and 5x12 db shoulder press. then last but not least on leg day (one of my favorite days) i do 5x12 leg press, 5x12 reverse hypers and 5x12 seated leg curls. Oh and Jim, i've been following your "Blood and Chalk" articles religiously. I love them and i love ur insight on lifting. i get a lot of haters but like you said in vol. 5, "No one's going to judge you as a person on how much weight you lift; and if they do, their opinions aren't worth a watery shit." haha love it!


I'm just jealous that you're 15 and have access to a reverse hyper. You young little punk.


Great progress man!


haha... well i am lucky because the gym that i go to and the weightroom at my school both have them... so it all works out