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5/3/1 Progress Through 7 Cycles

I started 531 mainly to break a plateau with my bench press and was a little skeptical at first, admittidly. I am 34 5’6.5" 149, and lifted heavily in high school, and started again in the summer of 2011. But I can’t believe the progress so far. I always do AMRAP on the last set, and only one time have I failed to get more than the minimum, that was on the 5+ week my second cycle. Here is a breakdown of my 5+ weeks through 7 cycles.

Cycle 1 260x6
Cycle 2 265x5
Cycle 3 270x6
Cycle 4 275x7
Cycle 5 280x7
Cycle 6 285x6
Cycle 7 290x6

I never thought I would have increased my numbers this much and still make my minimums. With that, I know I can do one more cycle and still hit the minimums, Which would also have me end on the 1+ at a weight I have never attempted before. Because of my strength gains, I know I can hit it, and possibly even twice. With that, should I keep going up like I am or should I do a reset? If a reset, how far back? Maybe to Cycle 5 numbers? Thanks for the input, and thanks Jim for helping me add 20-25lbs on my max in about 6 months.

Not to speak for Jim, but I believe he’d say 5 steps forward 3 back