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5/3/1 Progress, 6 Cycles


Hello! I thought idd share my progress of wendler so far.
Ive ran the program for 6 cycles.

I’m 17 year old, and weigh about 74KG’s.

I started off with
Squat: 80KG
Bench: 60KG
Deadlift: 100KG

My numbers now are:
Squat: 115KG
Bench: 80KG
Deadlift: 130KG

For assistance work i usually just did the t-nation template. Following it religously.
I started adding an extra back day about 3 months into me following the program.
Just doeing some lat pull downs, rows, and straight arm pull downs. And some dumbell rows.

I’ll probally post some progress down the road. Maby in 3 months.

Thanks for reading! :smiley: