5/3/1 Programming for a Hypertrophy/Bodybuilding Approach

Hey Guys,
new here to this forum. Searching for a approach to use 531 Progression scheme for a hypertrophy/bb program.

Been lifting seriously since 4 years now. Most time with hypertrophy/volume focused programs and every muscle group 2x per week frequency.

Height : 180cm
Weight : 87 kgs ( into 5th week of cutting, started 92kg )
Bodyfat : would gess around 12-13%
Bench : 100kg 4x6
Squats : 140kg 4x8
Deads: didn’t do them in 2 years ( don’t need them for aesthetic purposes lol )

Because I trained with higher volume to this point, I’m concerned that 531 would be too less of volume for me. Could one only use the 531 progression for compound lifts and implement them in a more volume/BB focused program ?

Thanks !


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Run “Building the Monolith”


I second this. Eat big and get fuggin yoked brah

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