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5-3-1 Program


On the 5-3-1 program can you combo your Lower body stuff on 1 day and your upper body stuff on another? This way you could just do a A/B A/B split instead of Chest, Legs, Low back, Shoulders.. Or is the program meant to not be changed at all?


Buy the book.


The point of the program is to improve the 4 lifts (making you stronger in general). By combining any 2 of the lifts on the same day the 2nd one you do does not get your 100% and progress will suffer. If you really want to improve those 4 lifts do them on 4 separate days. If you are unable to make it to the gym 4 days a week there are modifications (book has them) but none are what you said I think.


Thats what I figured its just so simple and quick Im ussually done in 20-30min. When I do to major lifts on same day I dont feel gassed even with the assistance stuff. Maybe I'll just ad more assistance stuff you guys think thats cool? I just want to fill up 45min


I usually take 10 minutes or so on the first lift just warming up / stretching, 6 sets or so before the main one so all that time its maybe 15 minutes which leaves 30 for assistance. If you did the 5 sets of 10 for assistance that's like 10 minutes per lift with 2 mins rest per set and you can do 3 different assistance lifts. Sometimes I would do 2 harder ones then 2 more isolation super-sets at the end, my upper vs lower days were a bit different.


I'm fairly sure he outlines how to do 3 and even 2 day a week splits in the e-book.

If you're not gassed after assistance stuff you need to be getting stronger in a hurry or working harder.


What are your goals? If you are working out pure strength atm, then it's a good thing you're not gassed after each workout.


He does indeed, so I don't think the OP read the book very well.


Just want to get bigger and stronger. In good shape now just trying to beef up a bit. To answer the others questions no I did not read the book but I'll look for a pdf Im too broke to buy jack shit now. I've been doing the program based on sample workout plans I found on this site that wendler had in a article. Seems to be a good program not very brainy. Im doing this program in conjunction with the Anabolic diet. Im wondering though when to do max outs so you know how to set your percents.. Im assuming you do this every 4 weeks