5/3/1 Prescribed Reps/Multiple FSL

Has anyone tried just the prescribed reps with out trying as AMRP and and multiple FSL capped at 5. How did it work

Week 2
Squat 3/3/3 / FLS 3x5

Being older I am still trying to find the right amount of volume.

Yes. You could also just do all your sets for 5 reps (this is called 5’s Pro) and just adjust your TM. Don’t be afraid to drop it down to 80%. If you can make progress at even lower than that you could reduce it even further.

Try running that for a couple cycles then do the Original 5/3/1 with the PR sets. Remember that the PR sets are not AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) sets. You should not be taking them to failure, leaving 2-3 reps in the tank in most cases, to ensure good recovery. Or simply performing enough reps to set a personal record at that weight.

58 here. I do 2 cycle of 5 progression, then 3-5 set FSL or a light 3-5x8-10. Then 1 cycle with “AMRAP” capping 9 on the 3 week and 5 on the 1 week, 5 week just 5. TM around 85%.
Buy the books. Worth the money.

I have all Jin’s books. Just trying to adjust to a beaten and worn body.