5/3/1 Power Clean PR

I’ve been running a program that’s a hybrid of the 3/5/1 + Heavy Singles (see 5/3/1 for Powerlifting: Training for Non-Competitive Powerlifter) and the six week cycles championed in Beyond 5/3/1 and wanted to report a success.

Two days ago was my 5/3/1 day for the Power Clean, and after getting six solid reps at 160 lbs I went for four heavy singles as follows:

172.5 lbs x 1 x 1
185 lbs x 1 x 1 (my former max)
187.5 lbs x 1 x 1

After the 187.5 lbs flew off the ground for me I decided I felt good enough to tackle the 200 lbs barrier for the powerclean at a bodyweight of 182.5 lbs…

202.5 lbs x 1 x 1

It was almost a miss, but I got it racked. I don’t intend to change my training max now with this new max, per advice in the book.

Thanks, Jim, for creating such a kickass program with Wendler 5/3/1.

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