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5/3/1 Post Surgery


Jim - I have purchased the books and am excited to get started. As a complication, I am about to have shoulder surgery. It is minor - fixing impingement and cleaning up some wear and tear around the labrum - no muscle tears. Should be able to start lifting light after a few weeks. Question is whether I should start 5/3/1 after with a very low TM for upper body, or if it would be better to run a Starting Strength type linear progression for a few months to get my strength back first.

Appreciate any thoughts. On your private forum, would there be people that could help program this?


I wrote a number of articles, even one for TNation, about this.

Just let the shoulder heal and start too light - you will be fine. I have written about 1000 or so articles and hundreds of programs for the forum so I have no idea how much shit is on there. The forum is an awesome place as:

  1. People are accountable for what they say.
  2. People are who they say they are.
  3. People are not fuckwads and help others.
  4. More information that you can imagine.