5/3/1 Plans for Next Month - Year

Hey guys, created this account to get some opinions on planning 5/3/1 for the next few months.
Currently on a Novice Full Body from another Forum. Planning on switching to 5/3/1 sometime in July, thought I’d plan ahead a little. I own 531 2nd, Beyond and Forever.

Current maxes kg/lbs, Squat 120/265, Bench 75/165, Deadlift 145/320, Front Squat 100/220, Press 45/100.

Planned template, Leader -

Main lifts - 5’s Pro
Supplemental - BBB Upper, Bench on press day, Press on Bench
FSL 5x5 Squat on deadlift day, Front Squat on Squat day.

Accessories, Jumps/Throws as in Forever. Lot’s of band pull aparts, face pulls.
Was also planning on super-setting Pull ups and Rows with Press and Bench.
Not sure about current opinions on this but it was mentioned in Beyond and I’ve had success with it so far.

Thanks for any input.

Wendler has been mostly recommending against doing this sort of switching. Instead, he has been recommending that people do supplemental bench work after benching, etc. It keeps it simple and focused. It also saves some warmup sets.

For the same reason as above, I would keep squat on squat day. If you want to do front squat instead of deadlift for supplemental work, that is probably fine, but I would do that after deadlift so that you can do squat after squat.

Meaning what exactly? 25-50 of each category each day? 10 jumps/throws each day?

Great idea.

That’s fair, my concern with that is Frequency, which I know people have a million ideas on.
I just thought it might be better to Bench and Press 2x a week. Happy to try it that way though.

Wherever it works best, I really enjoy Front Squats and feel they have driven up my Squat. So would like to have them somewhere at least. Either 3x5 or 5x5 pref.

Yeah, probably mostly box jumps in sets of 3-5 with my warmups.
Assistance, I like currently, Tricep pressdowns, dumbbells rows, Hanging Leg raises.
Would use those but also try others within the 25-50 a day each.

Having 3-5x5 front squats after deadlifts seems like a good plan then. I assume you will give the front squat its own TM and do the 5x5 at FSL weight for that or some comparable percentage (e.g., always at 60% of its TM).

That all seems right. It looks like Wendler has a base recommendation of 10 total jumps or throws when using BBB, and 25-50 of each category seems to fit well. Of course, you do not have to settle in advance what exact assistance moves you will do, but pressdowns, rows and hanging leg raises are great go-to exercises to use a defaults.

That would be the plan yeah.

Thanks for all the input man

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