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5/3/1 Plan to Judge

What’s up, guys? I got Jim’s book, read posts on T-Nation website and created 5/3/1 plan. The plan is a mix of things from books and the Boring But Big 3-month challenge post. What do you guys think?

Military Press (5/3/1)
Decline dumbbell bench press (5 sets of 10 reps each)
Chin-ups (5x10)
Dumbbell curls (3x10)
Dips (3x15)
Face pulls (3x10

Deadlift (5/3/1)
Squats (5x10)
Ab wheel (5x10)

Bench press (5/3/1)
OHP seating (5x10)
Kroc rows (5x10)
Barbell curls (3x10)
Tricep tri-set (3x10)
Cuban press (3x10)

Squats (5/3/1)
Deadlift (5x10)
Decline bench leg raises (5x10)

Been doing this plan for 6 months now and I’ve noticed great strength increase. Is there anything you’d change?

I’ve switched few assistance exercises some time ago and I’m thinking about changing Cuban press to Z-press. Could you recommend some good exercises to assist military press?

I’m planning to add more reps to certain exercises (chin-ups especially), because I kinda suck at them at the moment.

Then you are good to go.

Looks to me like you have too much stuff on the upper body days. Drop one or two non-essential exercises. Past a certain point more volume is counterproductive. 20 work sets in a workout is probably too much.

But as Jim said, if you are making progress then it can’t be all wrong.

Thanks! Looking forward to next months!

This might look as too much, but I kinda wanted to increase my strenght in OHP and bench press. While my lower body is developing great strenght I feel that I should train a lilttle bit harder in the upper parts. But maybe I’ll drop the last exercise each upper body day (face pulls & cuban press) - shoulders got enough work with multijoint litfts.

Well I think his main point is that doing too much of it will ultimately hold you back. But that is kind of hard to tell without knowing more about your build, how much weight you are actually pushing, etc.

Notice you are doing much less for your lower body and making better progress. Also once you are fatigued enough you cant push yourself hard enough to get any real training stimulus out of more sets, but you will get a lot more fatigue.