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5/3/1 or 5/3/1 for Powerlifting


This question has probably been asked and explained but I couldn't find it. If I buy 5/3/1 for Powerlifting am I missing any thing from the original 5/3/1 ebook which I have not bought? Would someone who has both ebooks mind explaining the differences between the two books?


If you understand the basic tenets of 5-3-1, then just buy the 5-3-1 for PL book…truthfully, I’d suggest both but I undersatnd people are on a budget…

You would be missing out on the basic stuff (how to set up the 5-3-1 and explanations of the set/rep/progression scheme) which most people already know, but you’ll also miss out on JW’s funny one-liners and thoughts on lifting, and a good discussion on accessory movements…


I think you would be missing some of the real core of 5/3/1 if you don’t buy the original. The two books aren’t so expensive that purchasing both would be un-affordable, especially if you run with one for a few months and then pick the other one up. The strength you gain from 5/3/1 will have direct carry-over to your powerlifting, so I’d just suggest picking up the more advanced book when you’re ready to step your game up again.