5/3/1: Only 3 Working Sets on Core Lift?

I just found 5/3/1 & have a question.

Am I reading it right that you only do 3 working sets per core lift each week? Is that right?

Just making sure. It seems low.

You do 3 main sets (this can vary) then 1 to 10 supplementary sets (depending on the program) which may be the main lifts or variations. You then have assistance work and potentially conditioning.

I understand your concerns about volume.

But not all programs are 1 movement pattern per session

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I’m going to assume you are reading an article describing only the base elements of 5/3/1 and not the books.

Most 5/3/1 templates will have you doing:
6 to 13 sets of a main movement each session
50-100 pulling assistance exercises each session
50-100 pushing assistance exercises each session
25-50 single-leg/core assistance exercises each session
Jumps/throws/explosive movements each session
Conditioning 2-7 times per week

Thanks, guys.

Excellent job everyone, glad we were able to avoid this:

why did i even click and go down that rabbit hole…


Yes with the original routine.

Jim has created a gazillion variations in his books for you to try.

For example adding joker sets which are heavier singles so that ‘you don’t lose penis size’, and various types of back-off sets where you add volume.